Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jeremy Karr

When Jeremy Karr wrestled on the University of Nebraska at Kearney team years ago, he weighed 250 pounds. After retiring from wrestling, Karr gained over 200 pounds. Now, as a chemistry graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Karr is trying to get back into shape. With a weight scale right next to his locker in the campus recreation center, Karr is reminded constantly of his goal of weight loss. Karr is now down to 349.5, but has been advancing at a pace that his doctor, Dr. Donna Nelson, advises against. Losing that much weight seems like progress, but most times will lead to recidivism.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

so, twitchy eye syndrome = fixed. mostly. i just need more sleep. fat chance of that happening. but, i did get to wake up real early and cover some brilliant folks jumping in to holmes lake on saturday morn. the elder gentleman is sen. beutler. (sp?) it was rather disheartening to hear people making bitter jokes about how it must be an election year. well, if you paid attention, he is being term-limited out. he was the youngest senator to ever be elected to nebraska. he was not doing it to get re-elected, he was jumping in a frozen lake to help benefit the special olympics. give the guy a break. but, yeah, the other photo is the nebraska spirit squad running out of said lake.