Saturday, March 22, 2008

Who wants some track action???

Probably not you, but you gonna get it! On a day trip back to fairbury, i saw a track meet going on, and the car of my highschool journalism teacher. so, i decided to go shoot me some track. but, when i got there, i found out there were only 2 races left in the entire meet. still, got some panned action goin for me.

The guy in the coat was my old jr. high football coach, Coach Don Mahlman. ( I could be wrong with the spelling of his last name.) You would be hard pressed to find a harder worker or nicer person than him. As a football coach, he had an affinity for smashmouth football, and would only call 2 plays pretty much the entire game. 24 and 23 iso. for those who dont know football, it is a run off the guard with the running back. we would ask if we could try some other play to maybe make the defense think that we had more than 2 plays in our play book, and he would tell us that if we could not get that play to work, then we had no chance of getting other plays to work. We lost a lot of games.

I believe the internet term for this is "pwned." for those of you who do not know what that means, it means she failed, sorta. i dont know, i hate internet speak. downfall of the english language and what not.


My little brother rocks. if anyone says otherwise, i will cut them.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

late in updating

Husker baseball game, shot with a lens baby.

My Grandpa pushing my Grandma at the nursing home.