Sunday, July 15, 2007

The zoo!

Last weekend, i went with my mother to the zoo up in omaha. this is the third year in a row that i have taken her, and i always enjoy a good zoo. i only took my wide angle with me this year, but i had wished i had taken my 70-200. still, i saw monkeys, and tigers, and sharks, and all other forms of fauna. hooray!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

with its' kooky lights

happy 4th of july to all. i had a long day, starting with going to fairbury to go to the annual flea market with my grandpa and mother. on the way back to lincoln, i took several backroads, and found a nice mail box with some flags. the rest are some of the fireworks seen from my house.

Monday, July 02, 2007

the blobaum picnic

two updates in one day! WOW! (i've been kinda lazy with updating) i went home this weekend for the annual Blobaum picnic, a large blobaum reunion will with beer and explosives. i've never really been that happy with fireworks photos that i have taken, but, i didn't have a tripod. i know, i know, excuses. well, i was there to have fun, not to impress you. so there.

Another wedding

for a slight change of pace, i was a groomsman in a wedding a handful of weeks back. congrats to trevor and ginny gill. Trevor was my best friend in high school, and is one of the few people i keep in touch with from fairbury.