Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mags and Baxter, the portraits

Congrats to Mags and Baxter! They were married a few weeks back in San Diego, and they came back to Dorchester, NE for an awesome reception. You will never find a more inviting group of people, we had so much fun. Before the reception, we took a few hours to take some small town portraits.

Regular readers of this blog may recognize a familiar face on the left. That is Michele, from a wedding earlier this summer.

Thanks once again for having us along for your great party!

Mags and Baxter, the reception

Monday, September 13, 2010

Engagement-tacular with Kevin and Julie

You know what is awesome? A fantastic, energetic couple combined with awesome light and good times. I had a crazy amount of fun shooting their engagement photos last night up in Omaha. While most engagements that I shoot are in Lincoln, it was great to get out of town and shoot in new locations. Congrats to both of them, and I am really looking forward to their wedding in April!

Friday, September 03, 2010

George Romero, eat your brains out.

See what I did there? Zombie humor. Ha.

Barry and Jenna

Congrats to Barry and Jenna! We had a great time last week at their wedding.

First up, two shots from the rehearsal!

I loved their pastor, she was fantastically animated.

The thing I like about shooting young kids dancing at the reception is that they have no real concept of normal dancing. At times, they flail around like they are on fire, or they spend a few minutes army crawling across the dance floor.