Monday, August 31, 2009

A wedding in four posts, part 4 (the portraits)

Hooray! This completes the largest series of posts in the history of this blog. Congrats to Chris and Jenny on a truly fantastic wedding this weekend. Thanks again and again for letting us cover that amazing day. Have fun out in Colorado, and have a safe trip home!

A wedding in four posts, part 3 (the reception)

A wedding in four posts, part 2 (the ceremony)

A wedding in four posts, part 1 (preparations)

Eric and Emily V2.0

I got a call a few days back to shoot some anniversary photos of Eric and Emily, a wedding from last year. Emily set it up as a surprise for Eric, and good times followed.

Call it a re-adjustment of my style, but I find myself shooting wider and wider portraits. I still temper them with closer ones, but my favorite portraits recently have been really wide. Who knows, maybe in two years I will be shooting ultra close portraits.

Here is the shrubbery that they planted as a unity bush sort of thing.

And finally, Eric got Emily a scooter as a present for their anniversary. So the next time you see a helmeted pixie zip by you on a deep purple scooter, you know what name to yell.

Congrats and many returns on your one year anniversary, Eric and Em!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Rehearsal

Shot a rehearsal for Chris and Jenny at the Sunken Gardens tonight. I cannot bring to words how excited I am for this wedding. You know it will be an amazing wedding, just due to the fact that they will be playing David Bowie during the procession. I have said many times that outdoor weddings are my favorite, and this will be no different. Bowie + The Sunken Gardens in Lincoln = Awesome.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Soldiers in the trenches

I just got back from a month long shoot in Peoria Illinois. During that time, I shot over 150,000 images of roller skaters during the USA Roller Sports National Championships. It was a long haul, with sleep in short supply but great people abound. Peoria is a fantastic town, and I would recommend it to anyone.

After shooting so many photos of roller skaters, I had to take something to keep my mind clear, a visual clearing if you would. So, I decided to start taking portraits of all the people who worked the vendor booths and other places around town. I came up with the title of "Soldiers in the trenches" because it seemed to fit. Long hours, entrenched in a booth usually no more than ten feet wide. All of the people I met had great stories to tell, and all shared an amazing passion for a sport that few people know even exists.