Friday, January 02, 2009

Wedding, Tomsen Style

I had a fantastic time last weekend shooting the wedding of Nicholas and Michaela Tomsen. They are the type of couple who make my job easy. Great moments together, great family, great everything. Without further ado, here's some shots. (As always, just click on the photos to get an even bigger version.)

I shot several portraits of them in front of the tree from down on the ground, but i happen to love high places, so i went up the stairs to the next floor and shot down at them. A single strobe on the ground to the left works wonders and gives some great shadows.

Michaela getting ready. Window light is my friend.

Once again, window light is still my friend. I'd even say we are best pals. Detail shots of the dress are great things, and a very small amount of fill flash helps add a little more depth. hooray!

Another portrait, this time taken at the Old market lofts. We spent a bunch of time in that fantastic building.

Here Nick and Michaela run inside from the wind after we were done shooting on top of the lofts. It was kinda cold.

The Kiss. Can't go wrong.

They rode a trolley from the ceremony to the reception hall. For this shot, I had a shutter time of a full second to catch the Christmas light streaming past. The trolley driver was this giant man with a great big bushy beard.

Just before they entered the reception hall.

The back ground lighting on the bridal party's table was fantastic. Like I said, they made it too easy for me.

And to end it all, a quick 2 minute portrait outside the church as the sun set. Thanks go out to Nick and Michaela for letting me join in on this great day.