Friday, October 16, 2009

A very cold week.

I have spent this week on the road shooting high school state finals. Monday and Tuesday I spent time in Norfolk, NE, shooting the Class A Girls Golf State Finals. It was very, very, horribly cold. A few times the sun poked through the clouds, giving me nice light and a small bit of warmth.

Yes, that is some strange mix of hail/sleet/snow falling during the competition.

Greg on a plane

Went up in a plane last sunday to shoot some photos of my folks new place as a house warming gift. The new house is the one on the left, the old on the right. The light was not great, but they still turned out decent.

Here is a shot of their lake, with the farm in the background.

Closer up.

And, to finish off, some random car at some random intersection.

Crazy adorable

Shot some photos of my long time friend Trevor Gill's little daughter. Far, far too cute.

Senior Portrait

Kid's got style, can't be denied.