Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ryan and Erin

Congrats to Ryan and Erin Dobesh. I had worked with Ryan years ago at the Daily Nebraskan, and was more than happy to share in their special day.

See? I can shoot a wedding portrait without the groom dipping the bride!

Erin had her hair done at House of Holloway, a hair place that a relative of mine once owned before he retired. Ah, memories.


Sometimes I like to get artsy.

Once again, congrats to the both of them, and I hope they have a great time honeymooning down in Mexico.

Laurey and Joel

Third Omaha wedding in a row, and it was a great time. The couple had a great sense of humor, and the location was fantastic. Some might say it is becoming my crutch, but I love getting a dip photo for a nice portrait. The sunset was just too fantastic not to do it.

Little kids sleeping. Can't go wrong.

And lastly, check out the awesome beard on this guy.

Congrats to Laurey and Joel and a great wedding!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lori and Daniel

Congrats to Lori and Daniel on a fantastic wedding up in Omaha last weekend. In the next few days, look forward to more photos from both Clay and I, and another wedding next week!