Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OK, for those of you who know how big of a tech head i am, and a canon freak. but, i will say that the new nikon camera has given me pause. for the first time in a long time, nikon might have came out with a camera that beats a canon. enter the D3. sitting at a comfortable 12.1 MP full frame, with live view, 51 AF points, and something else. 25,600 iso. yes, i said 25,600 iso. my god, that is crazy. now, that is in a special mode, and until i see some images popped out of that thing, i will remain a bit wary. if those images stand up, that is bar light like daylight. i've said it before, but for the last 8 or so years, nikon has been playing catch-up with canon. it may be that they have finally caught up.

it's a nice day for a white wedding

Congrats to Clay and Tamara for getting hitched on Saturday. I went up with several friends to St. Paul for the wedding, and it was rather fun. I'm feeling a little bummed now, because the wedding was my last chance to see several of my friends for quite some time. Megan and John are now in Philly, Moseman is going to Boston, Amanda is going back to Chicago, Melanie is going back to Denver, and i am still in Lincoln. So it goes. I'm just happy i got to be with them all one last time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a little old, a little new

this weekend, i spent far too many hours in the heat shooting over 30 games of kids playing soccer. whee. i managed to stay hydrated, and looking through the photos, i came to the realization that children suck at playing sports. i mean, they are very terrible. wow. here is a fantastic photo that anyone can get if they manage to have the autofocus touch on a shoe instead of the intended moment.

looking through some of my old photos on a hard drive that needed cleaning, i came across a photo that was taken several years ago. Alyssa Schukar, Kris Kolden and I decided to go on a pan-nebraskan tour. I just wanted to post this to remind people that everyone should take road trips. I have always enjoyed carhenge. if you ever have the chance, head out to alliance NE to see a true piece of american art.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I done shot rabbits meaner than you.

As the last part of shooting the cornhusker state games, i shot some Cowboy Action Shooting. basically, it is a bunch of people dressing up as cowboys and shooting things with guns. i had a lot of fun. i arrived early and took some time to shoot some features. the people were really nice, and they even let me shoot some of the guns. to start the course i was on, you had to say "I done shot rabbits meaner than you." after that, you shoot 10 shots from a rifle, 10 shots from the 6 shooters on your hip, and then 2 shots from a shotgun. the event is timed, and you are penalized for missing. i am proud to say i hit every target, and they said i did very well for time, even better than some of the competitors. of course, i had to wear a cowboy hat to do the shooting. good lord, i love america.

Cornhusker State Games

I just wrapped up shooting stock at the cornhusker state games for a week and a half. It was a fun time, sunburn and tan lines excluded. shooting stock photos for parents is different than shooting news photos, i.e. not nearly as creatively enjoyable. but, you can still come away with some decent images. shooting little kids playing with swords rocked. hardcore. plus, little kids make fantastic faces.

happy birthday

Happy belated blog birthday, Megan.