Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I done shot rabbits meaner than you.

As the last part of shooting the cornhusker state games, i shot some Cowboy Action Shooting. basically, it is a bunch of people dressing up as cowboys and shooting things with guns. i had a lot of fun. i arrived early and took some time to shoot some features. the people were really nice, and they even let me shoot some of the guns. to start the course i was on, you had to say "I done shot rabbits meaner than you." after that, you shoot 10 shots from a rifle, 10 shots from the 6 shooters on your hip, and then 2 shots from a shotgun. the event is timed, and you are penalized for missing. i am proud to say i hit every target, and they said i did very well for time, even better than some of the competitors. of course, i had to wear a cowboy hat to do the shooting. good lord, i love america.


Teresa Prince said...

Three posts in one day, holy smokes cowboy. I'll be back in about two weeks. Why isn't your name on the DN staff list? You didn't graduate without telling anyone did you?

cvk said...

oh man, two years ago, billy and i worked on a story just like this. it was a blast. sounds like you are a pretty good shot, did you graduate from omaha north high school?