Tuesday, December 11, 2007

winter wonderland

It was a rather cold and miserable night last night, but thankfully, area schools were canceled, which allowed me to go out feature hunting. and where better to go that a gigantic hill for sledders? I went up to arnold heights, a hill up in airpark that puts the pioneers park sledding hill to shame. it's a bit out of the way, so there are less people there, but it is a much larger hill. one problem i ran into was keeping my batteries warm, because they were dying quickly. darn cold. the 2 shots from the last post were taken at the same hill, only a few weeks back.

I really like this wider shot of the sledders, mostly for the girl at the bottom left. there was a big dip that made for a great jump, and after shooting tighter and closer with the 16-35, i decided to pull back and shoot wide and long with the 70-200. i do wish there were more people going down the hill in that frame, to clean up some of the dead space, but you take what you get.

here is the same bump, only close up. you can't go wrong with kids wiping out.

this is what greeted me this morning, a solid sheet of ice covering my car.

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