Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hyvee shoot

Did a shoot for Hyvee food stores a couple of weeks back. I felt like an idiot because i wore a blue button up shirt that happened to be the exact same shade of blue that all of the employees wore. I was asked several times, while loaded down with about 40 pounds of cameras and lighting rigs, which hyvee store i worked at. the answer was none. but, the good news was that i got to ride up on one of those giant scissor lifts, and i love me some heights. shooting commercial shoots is at times odd, because you have several people standing at your back telling you what they want, all the time. on a side note, that store is massive. like, think of large grocery store, and then add another medium sized grocery store to that, and then you have that store. it is big.

Another side note, sometimes i like to get artsy, as in the next shot. however, i do not know how to get the images to display how i want them to on this blog. the colors wash out, and the file that is on the web does not match my file on the computer. i know it has something to do with the sRGB thing, but i am not totally sure. i have tried my feeble attempts at HTML, and i always fail. after trying a few things to get the colors right on this image, i have given up on this. so, just imagine that it looks correct for color.

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Brandon said...

Nice pictures, Greg.

Internet browsers display pictures in the sRGB profile. If the pictures are using Adobe RGB, which is a superior profile and should be used for print work, they'll make an attempt at converting it. Usually it's a poor attempt.

To get the colors to show up right, you have to convert the color profile to sRGB yourself, which will change some of the colors. Then adjust it to what you want it to look like, while it's in that profile.

I have my camera set to take photos in sRGB all the time, since I rarely take photos I intend to print.

HTML won't affect the colors of a photo at all, but if you have any HTML/CSS questions, I'm sure I can help.