Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Get ready

So, long time no post. Been real busy, a whole bunch of weddings and other gigs. I will post those as soon as possible, along with a few senior portraits, engagement shots, sports, news, and editorial. what can i say? i'm a bum when it comes to updating.

Here is a rather failed attempt at doing a composite of downtown lincoln, shot during the half time of the shrine bowl. I mostly just posted this after having a discussion involving my handful of illogical fears. I have a fear of falling down lots of stairs. not a short amount, but somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred or so. I had to climb a lot of stairs to go shoot this at memorial stadium, so that is why i am saying this. The really odd thing is that i really enjoy heights. I just would not like to fall down a bunch of stairs.

Also, and my brother scott makes fun of me to no end for this fear, i have a fear of pulling up behind a tow truck at a stop light and having the tow truck driver drop his tow-thing and pick up my car. yes, i realize that is crazy. but, just stop and think about that for a moment. that sure would suck.

enough rambling. as i said, updates will be coming soon. I will not say they will be coming fast and furiously (i hated those movies) but they will be coming.

p.s. the last of my 3 illogical fears is having my bottom jaw ripped off, like in that vampire/werewolf moving underworld 2. once again, it will never happen, but it still scares me thinking of those things.

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Clay Lomneth said...

In Reno, I have developed a fear of driving through an intersection and being T-Boned by an emergency vehicle.

Also, anything that has to do with getting my eyes poked or ripped out.