Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rainy days

Shooting soccer yesterday in Omaha was wet. It was misting the entire day, and there was not a part of me that was dry by the end of the day. Starting off, here is some very low clouds on the Omaha skyline. I saw someone with a red umbrella and was hoping they were going to come by for this shot, but they did not.

This is what happens when you get crazy amounts of rain really quickly. The field flooded. They had to call the last game of the night because of the rain/hail/lightning. Gretna on 6-0 over Hastings after only one half.

View from the press box. Writers have it easy. They get to sit in a nice, warm room while I am on the field the entire day grumbling about my shots being blocked by ref's butts.

Leaving the stadium after the game was called.

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