Thursday, September 27, 2007


I shot another wedding a few weekends ago. The groom was Russ, a great friend from way back when. The bride was Megan, one of the nicest, most fun person you will ever meet. It was a fantastic day for an outdoor wedding. When shooting outdoor weddings, i tend to keep to the k.i.s.s. principle. keep it simple, stupid. outdoor weddings are great places to shoot wide, with a lot of sky. the really wide, up high shot was made duct taping 2 monopods together and using a remote cord to trigger the camera. this wedding was probably the first wedding i wish was actually longer. by the time i had shot the up high shot, they were almost halfway done.

to back track, before the wedding i spent a lot of time shooting the prep work. here are 2 semi portraits of megan, with 2 different feels to them. the blue one was set to tungsten with window light as the source. the other was exposed for a gel-warmed flash in front of the same window.

after shooting almost 2 hours of post-wedding formal portraits, we decided to do some fun portraits. lying on my back on the goose poop covered group to get the grooms men was interesting. the problem with something like that is you cannot pop a flash on them. if you try, the top half is bright white and the bottom half if dark. i have a nice set of reflectors, but i left them in the car. hey, i was already carrying about 90 pounds of gear, give me a break.

as for the reception, i did a slight derivation on my back-lit dance shot. i set a 550 strobe on the right in the frame to 1/8 power and aimed it at the bride and groom.

all in all, a great wedding. after i was done shooting, i had a few beverages, and for some unknown reason my head felt about 7 sizes too big the next day. Congrats again to Russ and Megan.

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Anonymous said...

nice work. i enjoyed these. but then, i'm not hard to please.