Monday, September 10, 2007

springtime for hitler

About a week ago, i shot a neo-nazi rally in omaha. I would say that i was surprised by the fact that not that many people were there, but omaha said they could only have it at the same time as the Husker season opener. all in all, it was not a terrible time. i drove up with an old professor of mine, Luis, and we ate at Cali Taco. For access, it was a bit of a pain, because the police were trying to keep us in one small area away from everything. I however felt bad for the officers, because i understand that they are just there to do their job, and the last thing they want is trouble. The whole time i was there, i had the songs form Mel Brook's move "The Producers" running in my head. go figure.

p.s. in the next few days, i will have a couple of updates ready to launch, including an update from another wedding. hooray!

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