Wednesday, November 14, 2007

bloggin from class, volleyball style

i am really, really having trouble focusing in class today, so what better way to be a responsible student than to update my blog! During Class!!!

State volleyball!!! hooray! shot 2 games of the tourney on friday, back to back. Grand Island Central Catholic won quite handily. That is why they are happy. I was not so happy, because i had to wake up really early to drive to waverly to cover this game, which was at 930 in the morn. boo morning!

Heartland did not do as well. That is why they are sad. They lost in the first round, but at least did not get swept.

Now, looking around for features at the end of the Heartland game, i saw these guys. I am not saying this was a good photo, i am saying i just took this to illustrate a point. These guys thought they were hardcore with a little face paint. they thought they were awesome fans. well, guess what, you got nothin.

Here are some real fans, from Heartland. they dressed up as presents, and had other themes ready if Heartland won. Not only were they screaming the entire game, they were singing many songs. all memorized, including the theme from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, All that Jazz, and their ABC's.

This weekend... State Football!!!

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