Wednesday, November 07, 2007


In honor of Fairbury being in the news (the mayor was just booted from office) here is a snap from when i went back home a week ago. The town has decided to have a trick or treat event down on the town square. It helps the kids who live out in the country who don't have the same chances as the town kids to get some tasty candy. part of it was to keep kids safe, which i think is a bit reactionary. but, kudos to fairbury for putting on something that was a hit with the town.

by the way, i am closing in on 100 blogs posts, i think i have about 7 to go. im kickin around some ideas for a lead up, but if anyone has any, feel free to chime in.

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lomnec said...

I saw a Winston cig in the ashtray outside the DN. Have you been hanging around and not telling anybody?

p.s. give away a prize on your 100th post.