Saturday, November 24, 2007

a little thanksgiving joy

happy thanksgiving to all. went back home to fairbury, and gorged myself of many foods. it was nice to see the family again, and it was nice to get my grandma sprung from the nursing home for a day to join us. my brothers and i spent some time playing with our grandpa's old train set, hence the lego sharks eating the car. we also talked with him about all of his train memorabilia. once i get my hands on some recording gear, i would like to interview him about pretty much his entire life, from growing up in boston, to WWII, to his time as an engineer on the railroad.

it seems i was wrong about the count towards post #100, about 7 posts were actually drafts, so this is post #90. but, still, close.

I hope all of you reading this gave thanks for things in your life. i know that every day i am thankful for my family. when things are looking their most bleak, my family is always there to bring me back up. i don't know what i would do without them.

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lomnec said...

Check out - he's the guy I was telling you about who shoots the alumni calendar.

Also, I may be going out of town to shoot volleyball, so I won't be able to have the shootout. You got lucky.